Avoiding a Tooth Extraction With The Help Of a Specialist In Root Canal Treatments

A man having his teeth checked out by a professional endodontist in Mansfield, OH

You wake up with an extremely sore tooth and the pain is nearly unbearable. Some dentists will take a look and figure that extraction is the best way to go about it. An endodontist, though, will examine you with the intention of saving your tooth. When you see one, you are getting someone who has spent extra time in dental school to get a thorough knowledge of both the root and pulp of the tooth. This added knowledge will give them an edge when it comes to saving a tooth.

Read on to learn the best ways of avoiding a tooth extraction with the help of a specialist in root canal treatments.

Keep Your Smile By Choosing The Painless Option

Having a tooth pulled is a painful experience … after the painkillers wear off. You also have to worry about rinsing often with warm salt water to keep the area from getting infected. Just don’t do it too hard or you might loosen the scab and expose yourself to dry socket. It’s a much better option to do the root canal, and your endodontist may even be able to do it via an apicoectomy, which is when they do the root canal via your gum tissue rather than through the tooth. This way, they can do this without having to do a full root canal.

This is why endodontists can do this – that extra time in dental school gives them the ability to do that apicoectomy, whereas a general dentist might not know that and resort to either the conventional root canal or the tooth extraction. Your smile will have a much better chance of being kept intact when you see an endodontist.

Maintain Your Biting Force & Natural Looks

Your tooth will keep its usual structure – though the endodontist might do grafting if there is a void in the bone. While you usually get a crown when you get a root canal or a dental implant, you won’t be able to bite with quite the same force as you would with a natural tooth. The crown is strong, but it is not indestructible.

The same goes for your smile. You will know that your tooth is still there and won’t be self-conscious about a missing one or a crown (which can match your tooth’s natural color). That added confidence can go quite a long way.

A Dental Procedure With No Additional Visits

An endodontist will be quite skilled at sealing up your tooth, which can stave off infection. That way, the root canal will most likely be done in one visit. There are no guarantees, though, since it also depends on the state of the decay in your tooth. It might require two, but your endodontist will clearly outline the reasons why you might have to come back. But chances favor you only having to sit in the chair one time, which is easier on your schedule, too.

Less Recovery Time & Better Results

An endodontist treating a tooth decay in Mansfield, OH.

Your endodontist will know how to do the best root canal work that also will heal the fastest. You will be back enjoying your regular life before you know it and will also have stellar results. Before you know it, you will likely forget that you had the root canal done … which does NOT mean that you should start neglecting your teeth again. Keep up a good brushing and flossing routine.

Endodontic Therapy Usually Costs Less Than Getting a Tooth Pulled

When you think about having a tooth pulled, you probably aren’t factoring in what you will need to do afterward – have that area filled with something, whether it’s a bridge or dental implant. You cannot leave it as it is, since your other teeth will start shifting to try to fill the space. The implant or bridge can be costly, so that is what you need to consider. The endodontic work, on the other hand, will save you money.

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