Dr. Kiser performs skilled, routine extractions.

People usually strive to keep their mouths as healthy as possible. Things happen, though, and the removal, or extraction, of a tooth is the only option left in order to keep matters from getting worse. Here are some of the causes for tooth removal:


This can be from a wide range of causes, but all of them have the same outcome – either a very cracked or a loose tooth that is not salvageable. Dr. Kiser will remove the tooth after exhausting all options to preserve the tooth.

Disease or serious infection

Although people brush their teeth, things can lurk unnoticed under the gumline. That can very quickly turn into gum disease or an infection. Once that happens, one of the only things left to do is extraction and then cleaning and even a round of antibiotics to stop the disease or infection from spreading.

Significant tooth decay

Sometimes people let things go too far with their cavities. They may be hoping that it improves – which is never the case. It will only worsen, and that will leave the tooth in bad shape. The only thing left to do is to remove it.

Overcrowding or spacing issues

This one comes down to luck and genetics. Some people have perfect teeth their whole lives and others have ones that shift around. While orthodontics can solve some issues, there are other scenarios where the removal is the only option to allow the others to align properly.


Following an extraction procedure, Dr. Kiser will then take the time to discuss recovery recommendations.  He will generally prescribe a painkiller, and teach the patient how to properly care for the extraction area as they recover.

Our staff would love to answer your questions and concerns about tooth extraction.  Give our office a call today.

Tooth Extraction (Removal) Photos