Zygomatic & Pterygoid Implants: Teeth Replacement Solutions For Patients With Bone Loss

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You have lost a tooth or several teeth and you want to get dental implants. The problem is that your jaw does not have very much mass. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including gum disease and how much time you waited to see a Mansfield dentist after losing the tooth.

That does not mean that all is lost, though. There are options available for you to get a dental implant, but it might not be the traditional way. Read on to learn about zygomatic & pterygoid implants: Teeth replacement solutions for patients with bone loss.

Why Does Bone Loss Affect Dental Implants?

The main thing that keeps the implant in place is the titanium screw that the dentist will insert into the jawbone. The bone and the screw are supposed to fuse together in a process called osseointegration. The jawbone has to have enough mass to be able to allow that to happen. If there has been bone loss, then the fusion will not hold and the screw will become loose.

The Functional Advantages Of Using Zygomatic Implants

What exactly is a zygomatic implant? The dentist will anchor the implant in an area close to the cheek bone. By doing this, it avoids both bone grafting procedures and a sinus lift. Another thing that people like about this procedure is that the healing time is less than with the traditional implant. The chances of long-term success are generally good when this is done.

The procedure is done in one stage and is considerably less invasive. Patients often get their new teeth the same day, which means that your mouth will look great much sooner than with a traditional dental implant. Your implant will have strong support even with the lower bone mass.

What Are The Benefits Of Pterygoid Implants?

This is another way to avoid having to have a sinus lift and bone grafting. They may also be called “pterygo-maxillary implants” or “tuberosity implants” by your Mansfield dentist. The dentist will put the implant in the tuberosity region of your jaw, which is a protrusion that is right behind your last molar and is covered by your gums.

Like the above option, patients generally recover well and much more quickly than with traditional implants. They are stable and can take regular usage as far as talking, eating, and drinking go.

Dental Implants Without Bone Grafting

When it comes to traditional implants, if you have bone loss, your dentist may try bone grafting to build that area up so that it can support the screw. You won’t have to have that done if you do either zygomatic or pterygoid implants. That means a lot less time waiting for something to heal and it is one less invasive surgery that you have to consider.

Improve Your Quality Of Life With Dental Implants!

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By getting a dental implant, you can resume your regular way of life. That means that you can eat and drink the way that you previously did and you can do that with confidence. No more having to hide your smile from people. This can have a great effect on all aspects of your life, both personal and professional. You can become more outgoing.

Dental implants will also be preventing your remaining teeth from shifting to fill the empty space. Also, you will be getting something durable that can last up to 25 years with proper care. There is no need to take them out like you would with dentures. All you have to do is brush and floss like you normally do. You still need to keep your twice-yearly dental visits, though.

Over the course of the decades, dental implants have become quite mainstream. More and more people are choosing them over dentures, which need to be constantly taken out and washed along with being left to soak in a special solution overnight. The two options listed above can help people get dental implants if they don’t qualify for the traditional ones. While they may be expensive, dentists often offer financing so that it will not be an instant financial burden.

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