What Do Dentists Recommend After a Successful Dental Implant Surgery?

You are missing a tooth or several. It’s important to fill those areas to prevent your remaining healthy teeth from shifting in your mouth in an effort to fill the empty space. If this happens, you can get everything from sunken cheeks to possible difficulty talking and chewing. Your dentist recommends a dental implant … but how safe are they? Do they often fail? What are the requirements? How about after the surgery?

Well, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you have enough bone mass in your jaw. If not, the screw that the dentists uses to anchor the new tooth won’t hold. If you don’t, they may pursue a bone graft. If you do wind up with the necessary bone mass, then it’s time to pursue it – the dental implant acts as a natural tooth and you don’t have to take it out to clean or soak like dentures. They are also durable and can last up to 25 years, which makes them more than pay for themselves.

Suppose you’re interested now? What do Ohio dentists recommend after a successful dental implant surgery? Read on to learn more:

Ice Will Reduce The Swelling

There may be a bit of swelling after the procedure. That is normal. You can put some ice in a plastic bag and apply it to the area off and on during the first day. 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off may be the best way to go. Ice is a great thing to keep swelling down – it can be used for anything from a sprained ankle to this. You may want to put a towel between the bag and your jaw to prevent any possible skin damage.

Biting a Gauze To Deal With The Bleeding

When you get the implant, there might be some red in your saliva at first. That should clear up within a day. But if the bleeding is a bit heavier, you can bite on a piece of gauze to staunch the bleeding. If it doesn’t stop or gets heavier, you need to contact your dental professional as soon as possible, even going to a dental emergency room if you have to so that it doesn’t get even worse.

NSAIDs Can Help You Manage Pain

You may have some discomfort in the area that the dentist inserted the screw for a few days. Pain relievers like Ibuprofen or Tylenol can help you keep that pain to a minimum. Just be sure to follow the directions and only take the amount that the label says to prevent any possible long-term toxic side effects.

Minimizing Exercise On The First Three Days

The reason for doing that is that you might clamp down hard on your jaw when doing something like lifting or running. That can then cause problems with the implant site. Just take it easy for the first three days and then slowly ramp yourself back up to your usual exercise levels.

Should You Remove Solid Foods From Your Diet?

A woman having her dental implants checked in Mansfield, OH

While you should not remove it entirely for the long run, it would be a good idea to only eat soft food for the first few days after the procedure. That way, it will allow things to heal properly and then you can start incorporating your regular food into your diet. Be very careful when you are chewing and pay attention to how your jaw feels.

In general, you should expect some initial discomfort but it should subside pretty quickly. If you find that it has worsened despite your best efforts, then you should see your Mansfield dentist to make sure that there is no underlying infection. Do not try to gut through that — otherwise you risk problems with your other teeth.

Once you have gotten used to your dental implants, then things are very simple. You eat and drink pretty close to how you did before the procedure, but avoid eating anything hard and/or crunchy since the replacement crown is strong but it is not invincible. You don’t want to crack the crown and wind up having to have more work done. That will wind up costing more money.

There is a reason that dental implants have become much more popular. Patients find that the success rate is well worth the cost of getting them. Since they last so long, often lasting for a lifetime, depending on the age that you get them, you will also find yourself only going to the dentist for regular visits – getting the implants does not absolve you of your twice-yearly

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