Professional Dentists In Teeth Restoration Give Tips To Prevent Common Partial Denture Issues

Professional Dentists In Teeth Restoration Give Tips To Prevent Common Partial Denture IssuesPartial dentures are an excellent option for those people who are missing several teeth but still have plenty of healthy teeth still in their mouths. This is not a “put them in and forget them” kind of thing though. While they are a popular option, things can go wrong and wind up being much more expensive than initially were. A Mansfield, Ohio dentist can help.

That leaves would-be patients wondering how to avoid partial denture problems. Fortunately, it just takes some diligence caring for them and also paying close attention to how they fit in their mouth.

In this post, professional dentists in teeth restoration give tips to prevent common partial denture issues. Read on to learn more.

Mouth & Gum Irritation

When it comes to the positioning of dentures, as opposed to things like dental implants, they rest on the top of the gums. There can be a lot of shifting around, especially after the gums are healing after something like multiple teeth extractions before getting the dentures. This will constantly change how the dentures fit, no matter how carefully they fit.

The important thing is for the patient to act quickly when there is some problem with the fit of the dentures. While there may be some mild discomfort at first when one gets a new set of dentures, it should go away pretty quickly. If it lingers, then the patient needs to go back to the dentist or specialist as soon as possible. Trying to gut it out can lead to worsening things – like an infection.

Oral Infections ( Cheilitis & Stomatitis)

Cheilitis is when the sides of one’s mouth cracks (as in actually split open, not the sound that one’s jaw may make from another condition) from extra-dry lips. While people with braces may be more at risk for this, dentures are another possible culprit. It’s often called Angular Chelitis and if one is wearing dentures that don’t fit, this can wind up having them rub up against the sides of one’s mouth. In that case, it’s likely best to get a new set of dentures made.

Denture stomatitis is an infection also known as “denture sore mouth.” The thing is, people may not actually feel any pain there. It’s a yeast infection also known as Thrush. Typically, an upper denture is the one that is behind it, especially if one does not remove the denture at night and soak it. If one is also wearing older dentures, then this can also be a cause.

Metal Allergies

Most of the time, people can have metal in their mouth with no difficulty. Unfortunately, some do develop an allergy to nickel, which is a substance in the framework of many partial dentures. The symptoms of metal allergies include a burning feeling in the mouth, swollen gums, or numbness in the mouth. This is not a sustainable thing so if a patient feels that, they need to talk to their dentist.

What is a solution? There are partial dentures that have no metal in them. The framework is held together by resin clasps instead of nickel or any other metallic
substances. That will ensure an allergy-free experience.

Not Taking Care Of Partial Dentures Can Lead To Tooth Decay

Professional Dentist Applying A Patient's Partial Denture In Mansfield, OHIt’s important to follow the directions about how to treat dentures. One needs to make brushing them part of their daily routine. This can get rid of all the food particles that are on it. Not doing that will allow those particles to break down the enamel of their teeth and ultimately cause cavities. Patients must also soak them in a special solution nightly. This will keep them sterile.

Partial dentures can be excellent for people to regain their smiles and also their confidence in their ability to speak clearly and chew. All it takes is a slight learning curve and the diligence to take care of their dentures day in and day out to help ensure that they can get the best experience out of them as possible. Then they can enjoy their lives again.

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