Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Get Dentures If You Have Missing Teeth

From the ability to chew and enjoy our favorite foods to the confidence that comes with having a beautiful smile, teeth are a crucial part of our day-to-day lives. However, what happens if you lose your teeth and stay without them for a long time? Is it even possible to get dentures to replace them? To answer this question, let’s take a closer look at a trusted Mansfield cosmetic dentist.

Ohio dentist with Dentures

The Benefits Of Dentures

Dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth. Not only can they be customized to fit your mouth perfectly, but they also provide many of the benefits of having teeth. Eating, speaking, and smiling are all possible again with the help of dentures.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits they offer: 

  • Better appearance: Dentures can greatly improve your appearance by giving you a full and natural-looking smile. This can help to boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved speech: Missing teeth can make it difficult to speak properly and can cause slurring or mumbling. Dentures can help to restore your speech, allowing you to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Getting your chewing back: Dentures can help to restore your ability to chew food properly, which can greatly normalize your overall nutrition. You will be able to enjoy a wider range of foods and you’ll be able to digest your food, leading to better overall health.
  • Improved oral health: Dentures can help to prevent further oral health problems by protecting your remaining natural teeth from excessive wear and tear. They also prevent jawbone shrinkage, which can occur when there are no teeth to stimulate the bone. Your Mansfield cosmetic dentist will probably recommend dentures to keep the rest of your teeth healthy.
  • Convenient and easy to use: Dentures are easy to care for and can be removed for cleaning. They are also easy to use, allowing you to get back your normality without much effort involved.
  • Cost-effective solution: Compared to other tooth replacement options, dentures are often less expensive. They are a great choice for people who are looking for an affordable way to restore their smile and improve their oral health.

Dentures Are Crucial For Bone Resorption

When your jaw lacks the stability of its teeth, your body feels that the bone in that place is no longer necessary, and the bone starts to shrink where you are lacking teeth.

This is known as bone resorption.

If left for an extended amount of time, your jaw may grow weak where you’re missing teeth, making implants unsupportable or difficult to find the proper fit. Unchecked bone resorption can force people to replace their dentures sooner than necessary, requiring more frequent denture realignments.

The good news is that bone resorption can be slowed. Choosing the right denture with the help of your Mansfield cosmetic dentist may stimulate your jawbone and lengthen the usable life of your dentures.

Consider Bone Resorption As Soon As Possible

The sooner you visit a dental clinic to address missing teeth, the better the results. As your jawbone shrinks, it becomes more difficult to ensure a proper fit — and, as with many other health issues, it’s much easier to solve the problem in the early stages.

Dentures are usually preferred over implants for patients who are missing all of their teeth. Your body believes that by incorporating anchor points into your cheekbone, it will be able to keep the bone strong.

When your dentures are rooted to these posts, they are much less likely to slip or cause discomfort.

Dentures are the best long-term solution for patients who are missing all of their teeth since they require fewer adjustments and give more support, allowing you to chew more of the foods you want and concern less about your dentures falling loose.

Ohio dentist with dentures

Dentures With Lower Suction

Lower suction dentures are a relatively new product in the industry. These dentures are held in place by suction rather than surgically implanted posts, making them an appealing option for patients who want to avoid surgical recovery times, even if it’s with a trusted Mansfield cosmetic dentist.

Lower suction dentures are not as safe as dental implants, but they are an excellent alternative for patients who prefer non-invasive treatments instead of surgical procedures.

The only drawback with lower suction dentures is that not all jawbones will support them – if you’ve been toothless for a long time, you may require more support than lower suction dentures can provide.

Finding The Right Dentist

Overall, dentures offer a number of benefits for people with dental issues, including those who have been without teeth for a long time. 

Whether you are looking to improve your appearance, speech, chewing, or oral health, or simply want a convenient and easy-to-use solution, dentures are a great option to consider.

But nothing of this is worth it if you don’t contact the right dentist in Mansfield.

If you’re looking for a responsible, safe, and long-lasting solution for your dental problems, contact Dr. Kiser Dental today. You’ll find the best customer attention to receive proper care and make your smile as healthy as possible. Contact us now!

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