All-On Four Dental Implants: Learn The Process & How It Can Greatly Benefit You

All-On Four Dental Implants: Learn The Process & How It Can Greatly Benefit You In Ohio

When it came to dental implants, single-tooth implants seemed to be the only way to go. But dental technology is always moving forward and there are constant innovations. One of those is All-On-Four Dental Implants. It allows you to replace an entire arch of upper teeth and give you back your natural smile. 

Does that sound intriguing? Before you reach out to a Mansfield dentist, read on to learn about the process and how it can greatly benefit you, especially if you are missing a lot of teeth. 

The Dentist WIll Put Four Dental Implants On Your Upper Jaw

After examining your mouth to ensure that you are a candidate, the Mansfield dentist will put four screws into your upper jaw. There are some instances where you will get a lower arch too, but this is focused on the upper part of your mouth.They will carefully measure out each screw so that there will be maximum support to hold All-On-Four in place and also keep it stable and durable. The screws have to fuse into your jawbone in a process that is known as osseointegration. This can take a bit since it also involves healing – depending on how fast it heals it can be a few weeks to a month or so. 

Once that is all finished, they then put abutments onto the areas where the screws. These connect the implant to the piece that is being inserted. Again, the dentist will measure the spaces in your mouth and make an impression to be doubly sure that everything is going to fit perfectly. Then they will put the denture piece into the abutments and the implants. It may be a bit time consuming, but the results are worth it. 

Why Do An Entire Row Of Upper Teeth?

When you lose a tooth, it can set off a chain of reactions, including the shifting of other teeth and jawbone deterioration. Now if you multiply that by an entire arch of teeth, then things can really become bad for your jaw. Your facial features can change and you can get conditions like TMJ, which affects your temporomandibular joint and can make things like even opening and closing your mouth difficult. 

The All-On-Four Dental Implant can stop that from happening. You will be able to smile, chew, and talk like you did before. By doing this, you could also avoid having to do things like physical therapy or even expensive reconstructive surgery in the future.

What Are The Pros & Cons?

On the pro side, you will find that you are able to do things, after a bit of a learning curve, like chew, talk, and smile much more easily. Being able to do this will give you more confidence, too, which can be good for your health and both your professional and personal life. You don’t have to do any extra work in terms of brushing and flossing and you can eat close to the way you did before. The healing process tends to be very fast, too. You can enjoy life again soon. 

Nothing is perfect, though. There are some cons, which include the price tag. They do last a long time and dentists often offer financing options so that you don’t have to pay a lot at once. It never hurts to find how much your insurance will cover – it may be a lot more than you initially. There may be a mismatch with your gum color, but that rarely happens. The failure rate is very low too and is usually predicated on your not having enough bone mass. 

Contact Mansfield’s Leading Dental Implants Specialists

Using All-On Four Dental Implants To Replace An Entire Arch Of Upper Teeth In OhioThese are just some of the things to learn about the process and benefits of All-On-Fours. They are an excellent advancement in implant technology. Like everything else, they do have limitations, but the pros tend to outweigh the cons. Dental technology will continue to improve and this will become more routine. If you are missing some teeth, it would be worth inquiring about All-On-Four. 

Are you in need of dental implants? You can contact the best dentist in Mansfield to learn more about them. Dr. Russell Kiser and his staff at the Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center are ready to help explain them to you and also make the entire process an easy one. Call today to make an appointment: 419-756-2880.


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