What’s Involved In The Computer-Guided Surgery Process?

You are thinking of getting a dental implant. Would you be better off going to an Ohio dentist who does the procedure the traditional way or would it be better to go with the one who uses computer-guided imagery to do the implant.

The answer is not totally cut-and-dried. We are here to help you make the best decision for yourself. Read on to learn more about the benefits of computer-guided surgery for accurate dental implants.


The Benefits of Computer-Guided Surgery For Accurate Dental Implants

This technology, which was originally made for neuroscientists, is an excellent way for dentists to be able to precisely locate where they will put the dental implant into their patients’ jaw. They can use the imagery to ensure that they will preserve the areas that they want and also help the whole implant process go much smoother for both the dentist and the patient

Computer imagery is very helpful when it comes to planning the entire thing. Your dentist will be able to formulate a plan since they will know where everything is located rather than having to go by memory. That way, they can nearly eliminate the possibility of an unexpected thing popping up while they do the dental implant, from the screw insertion to the addition of the crown.


Although there are benefits to using computer-guided imagery, there is one significant barrier – cost. The machines can be expensive and many dentists may not be able to afford one. As time goes on and more dental offices get them, the price may continue to drop and make it easier to buy one. They also need to weigh the options of how many more patients they might get if they advertise that they use this.

Another sticking point is that the dentist will have to devote more time to studying the imagery and planning the whole process than if they didn’t use the computer. Patients might argue that the extra time is well worth it if it will practically guarantee a successful dental implant with minimal, if any, issues. Also, as the dentist gets used to using the computer to guide them, that prep time might go down a bit.

While this is an excellent option, it will be interesting to see what advances are made down the road. At one point, this technology might become routine. Then it will make dental implants even more commonplace than they already are.

Other Things To Consider

The Benefits of Computer-Guided Surgery For Accurate Dental Implants

When would a dentist want to use this to do dental implants? There are a variety of scenarios where this might be called for:

  • They need to know how much bone mass you have or if it needs to be altered before they do the implant.
  • The dentist is going to put three or more implants right next to each other in your jaw.
  • They need to get the placement of the titanium screw just right and the computer will show them exactly that.

While the dentist can benefit from this, there are other things for them to consider when it comes to dental implants. How wide can the patient open their mouth? That can impact their ability to reach certain parts. How much bone structure is there? If there is not enough mass, they might need to do a bone graft first, even with the imagery showing the optimal place for them to put the implant.

Dental implant technology will continue to get more advanced over the years and this may become routine. Until that is the case, it is a good idea to discuss computer-guided dental implants with your dentists or prosthodontist to see if it is the best option for you and your oral needs. The ultimate goal is for you to get your smile back with dental implants no matter the method used. Then you can enjoy your long-lasting smile.

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