Are you satisfied with your smile? If not, Dr. Kiser can help. He can do things like repairing and restoring teeth with tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers that when placed, look just like your natural ones.


The tooth-colored fillings are comprised of a complex composite infused with zirconia/silica. The restorations bond to your tooth, helping prevent any filling leaks or chances of any cracking or breaking. They feel, look and function like natural teeth and are nearly as strong as a healthy tooth whereas silver fillings are significantly weaker.

Other Options

When your decayed tooth needs more than a filling but less than a crown to repair it, Dr. Kiser may use either an inlay or an onlay.

He would use an inlay if the decay is within the indented top surface (cusp) of a tooth and an onlay if the cavity involves one or more cusps.

Give our office a call to talk more about tooth-colored fillings, inlays or inlays.