Now that you have received your new partial denture, it is important to review many things with you.  This partial denture can contribute to the overall health of your mouth and your general health.  It replaces some lost teeth, fills some spaces and assists in chewing.  It may have other uses which should have been explained to you.  This partial denture is supported by the teeth and soft tissues in your mouth.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the fit and function of this patial denture is good.  Unfortunately, your mouth continues to change.  This means that the partial denture needs periodic evaluation and adjustment by a dentist.  This is not a “permanent” restoration.


The wearing of this partial denture will influence the health of your mouth in more ways than any other item.  A lot of careful planning, meticulous preparation and technical construction have gone into this partial denture.  You have invested a considerable amount of time and money in your mouth.  If, at any time, you notice anything about this partial denture that seems wrong, uncomfortable or changed, please return to our office so that we may help you.  At least yearly check-ups are required to keep this working for as long as possible, and to inspect for problems.


In addition to the need to brush and floss your natural teeth regularly, it is also necessary to keep your dentures very clean.  Accumulations on your denture can lead to sore gums, tooth decay and other problems with your mouth and partial denture.  Your partial denture must be cleaned regularly. It should be removed after every meal and rinsed thoroughly.  It should be scrubbed at least twice daily with a soft tooth brush or denture brush, soap and water.  Some commercially sold denture cleansers may be harmful to your new partial denture.  If you have concerns about any of the cleaning materials, please talk to us.  Exercise common sense.


You should always leave your partial denture out at night or at least for 8 hours every day.  This allows the gum tissues to rest and “breathe”.


Please keep this literature and ask us if you need any additional information.  Partial dentures, many times, can be better supported by use of dental implant(s).   If retention or comfort is a problem, please inquire.   Thank you for allowing us to serve you.