Dental Implants Can Help You.

Dental Implants Treatment in Mansfield, OH

When someone loses teeth, it affects their jawbone, which loses mass due to the empty tooth space. Also, their cheeks can sink in because of there being nothing in that spot. This can be quite pronounced if an entire upper or lower set of teeth have been lost. The implants serve as a safeguard against that loss of jawbone mass – since something is occupying the former empty spot, the cheeks will stay at their original fullness and teeth can be replaced.

In the past, patients could only get individual implants. You still can, but many times better options exist- – Dr. Russell Kiser is proud to present his patients with the option of a full row of upper or lower teeth that are secured by implants. It’s called All-On-Four dental implants and he is able to offer this option with high expertise.  This technology eliminates many barriers to being able to be a dental implant patient because often, bone grafting is unnecessary, and care is expedited.

About the procedure

Dr. Kiser will start off by doing a thorough examination, checking X-rays and ensuring that everything looks good. These implants are done on a case-by-case basis since these are done in spots on the jaw that require the most bone mass. If it turns out that there is not enough bone support, Dr. Kiser can recommend and perform procedures like bone grafts to allow for it to happen.

Once he feels that proceeding is the proper way to go, he will put four implants on the top or bottom of the patient’s jaw with the goal of restoring a full jaw/arch of teeth using straight or tilted implants.   An advantage is that ‘teeth in a day’ are often set to position and you leave with teeth on surgery day. The patient will get temporary teeth while the implant fuses with the jawbone.

After several months, once Dr. Kiser ascertains that everything is fused, the permanent set of teeth, which are customized, will be added by being secured to the four implants.

All on four Dental Implants in Mansfield, OH

This is dental technology at its finest.

Dr. Kiser will gladly discuss its feasibility with any patients who are interested in it.  When you are ready, we acquire CT scan data, complete virtual planning, design a laser printed surgical guide, place your implants with this computer guidance, and then place your temporary hybrid set of teeth.  Thereafter, the permanent set of teeth happens, which looks real.